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Digital Signage

SynoLogit build remarkable digital experiences as vivid and dynamic as the imagination.Whether in airports, houses of worship, collaborative spaces, sports complexes, lobbies, or other common areas, more organizations are using the digital canvas to improve the experiences of associates and visitors. We bring over two decades of industry experience and have access to a peerless stock to rapidly fulfill almost any size order while providing consistent product quality and reliable customer service.

🚀 Leading-edge

LED Video Walls

At SynoLogit, we work with top-tech audio-visual vendos and partners to provide first-class digital signage products and services. We deliver a full range of both exterior and interior LED displays in a scale of pixel pitch made with the highest quality components to ensure the success of your project.

Whether for staging or permanent installation, our geeks can build and create almost any shape and size you have in mind. We offer personalized solutions based on your needs and budget.

We bring over two decades of technical and business acumen and access to the industry’s top tech geeks, vendors, and manufacturers.

🤙 Self-Ordering Kiosk

How can our solutions boost your customers experience?

Get more in the Door.

Attract foot traffic with signage

Digital signage has been known to increase in-store traffic by nearly 33%

Sell more brilliantly.

Inspire unplanned purchases with influence

68% of customers are influenced to purchase by in-store digital signage.


Create unique experiences.

Memorable on-brand digital content.

Digital signage is shown to boost brand awareness by 47.7%

🚀 Top Class Display

Advertising Displays

Our solutions have been proven to drive more foot traffic and increase sales. They allow a seamless connection between your business and your customers, providing real-time updates of product information, announcing events or promotions, and offering sleek and modern entertainment options.

SynoLogit’s digital displays ensure every step of the customer journey is memorable, on-brand, and optimized to drive revenue and improve engagement.

Discover Our Comprehensive Tech Solutions and Services

Our tech solutions are designed to streamline your operations and help you achieve your business goals. Contact us today to learn how we can transform your organization.

🏆 Best SIP's Services

KDS (Kitchen Display Systems)

Kitchen Display Systems allow your staff to focus on delivering remarkable guest experience. Your orders are directly fired to the kitchen real-time, reducing the wait-times for customers to receive their warm meal.

Our solution supports larger screens and the KDS can be mounted anywhere in your kitchen without losing visibility, giving the kitchen staff visibility and speed they need to prepare orders.

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