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Our Story of transforming businesses with technology

SynoLogit is a privately held Technology Solutions Provider headquartered in Atlantic City, NJ; we currently serve organizations and end-users across the United States and the Caribbean.

We bring over two decades of technical and business acumen; more than just focusing on one tech element, we are experts in varying technology niches to provide the most up-to-date options.

Our offer includes Managed Services, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Telephony (VoIP), Unified Communications, Internet, SDWAN, Mobility, IoT, Digital Signage, Electronic Security, Video Surveillance, and MORE.

🤝 Synologit's Visionary team

Our Founders

We are a team envisioned to provide a multi-faceted collection of services, products, human capital, and technical expertise to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Dr. Yoammy Pozo-Sosa, MBA

Administrative Director

Ezequiel Sosa, MBA

Technical Director

🌟 Innovative brand strategy

Our Brand

Like our founders, SynoLogit is the perfect combination of Medicine and Technology. The word SYNO includes the first four letters of the word Synology, which according to Wikipedia, is “a cellular process where the transfer of genes between organelles and the nucleus occurs.”. The word LOGIT is a blend of Logic and IT being the last one an acronym of Information Technology.

Our signature color is blue, but not because we feel blue, we just want to communicate innovation and trust.

The mark represents connection and communication that never ends. While the slogan, MORE than just IT, expresses that other than just selling a product, our mission is delivering end-to-end solutions based on our customers’ needs, hopes, and dreams.

Our Portfolio

View our portfolio of customized IT solutions for businesses of all sizes, backed by industry certifications and satisfied client testimonials


Keeping your IT infrastructure in good shape is critical to running your business smoothly.


Simplify your communications with flexible voice and connectivity solutions


Protecting information is very important but securing the data in cyberspace and beyond is more.


The Cloud is the latest significant evolution in the market.


A multi-faceted collection of services, products, human capital, and technical expertise to deliver end-to-end solutions.

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